WWSU 6.4
It's been a long time coming but WWSU 6.4 now available for download.
The program had been picked apart and hacked to death by a team of Beta testers from North America, Europe and Australia. We've been at it for over a year and more than 200 revisions have been implemented in order to improve the program's stability, functionality and overall appearance.

I'd like to thank the following people for their input, hard work and eagle eyes. They have contributed an enormous amount of energy into this project, which resulted in a stable program that is loaded with features useful to any utility listener.

- Vern Matheson, VE1VDM
- Don Tomkinson,  KPC6NDB
- Ron Biddle
- Peter Conway, G3UFI
- Bill Riches, WA2DVU
- George Muha, N2XM
- Mark Moulding, KU7Z
- Brian Heath
- Dave Onley
- Bob Warren, VK7ZL
- Martin Francis for allowing to use Rxx database as an additional source of data. The combination of the two databases resulted in a combined listing of over 15,000 entries.

... and a few others whom I have not heard from whether or not it would be ok to post their names. A big THANK YOU to all of you. Without you, it would be just another buggy piece of software.

Two download links are provided below.

Link #1 aplies to everyone. It contains the core WWSU program and needs to be installed first

Link #2 applies to those who have been running the older version of WWSU and have a large amount of data to transfer to the new version. It has to be installed after Link #1. It contains a database converter utility that will simplify conversion of older WWSU log (6.3.x) to the new.
Depending on the size of your listening log, it might be a laborous process but it beats having to do everything by hand.
If you prefer to start fresh or have a small amount of data to transfer to the new WWSU, then only Link #1 needs to be installed.

Link #1 : Click HERE to download the core WWSU program.

Link #2 : Click HERE to download the WWSU 6.4 database converter.

Please do not hesitate to email me at
ve3gop at ve3gop dot com if you happen to spot a bug or have any questions.

Windows 10 Users:

Please see this link if you're interested in bypassing the Windows 10 UAC nag screen every time you start WWSU.

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