My Cuban holiday log

On April 15 to April 22 I went on another holiday in Cuba, this time it was Santa Lucia approximately 90 minutes from Camaguey. Below, you'll see a list of my most recent logs (in red). The old logs were taken last year at Santiago de Cuba. The receiver used this year (and last) was a SONY PRO-80 with a modified external antenna input. The antenna consisted of 10 feet of wire hooked up to a sliding door frame at my hotel room. As you may see, there is a number of UNIDS. I would appreciate if anyone would be able to help me out with these. Some frequencies are denoted as approx. Well, those familiar with the PRO-80 know that the LW band has 3 kHz steps. There is fine tuning but you can't tell exactly what frequency you're on, so there may be a +/- 5 kHz deviation from what I have posted. Enjoy!
Update May 3, 1999. Some of the UNIDs have been filled in courtesy of David Tomasko of Downers Grove, Ill. Thanks Dave!

Freq         ID            City             Country

204          GLS           Galveston        Texas, USA                              
216          CLB           Carolina Beach   South Carolina, USA                     
216          CLB           Carolina Beach   South Carolina, USA 
232          GT            Grand Turk Air
                              Field (USAF)     Turks and Caicos
248          MBJ           Sangster Intl    Jamaica
256          UNV           Nuevas           Cuba 
268          UBY           Bayamo (NEG KEY) CUBA
278          UBA           Baracoa          CUBA
278          UBA           Baracoa          CUBA                                    
294          ZIP           Zipaquira        COLOMBIA                                
296          UVT           Tunas            CUBA
300          UGT           Guantanamo       CUBA                                    
300          ABL           Abalema          COLOMBIA                                
323          UWP           Argentia        Canada!! 
326          BHF           Freeport        Bahamas 
324 (approx) LAB           ?????????????????????????? 
332          FIS           Key West Int'l   Florida, USA                            
336 (approx) CZM           Cozumel          Mexico
336          UCU           Santiago          de           Cuba                            
344          ZIY           Georgetown       Grand Cayman Island
344          ZIY           Georgetown       GRAND CAYMAN ISLAND                     
345 (approx) UCU Santiago de           Cuba 
                        348 K Santiago de Cuba                     
353          UHG           Holguin          CUBA                                    
360          KIN           Kingston         JAMAICA                                 
363          CZM           Cozumel          Mexico                            
368          UCU           Chucumata        CHILE                                   
369          ZDX           St. John's       Antigua
370          UCM           Camaguey         Cuba
370          UCM           Camaguey         CUBA                                    
376          ZIN           Great Inagua     Bahamas
376          ZIN           Great Inagua     BAHAMAS                                 
382          POS           Piarco           Trinidad and Tobago 
380          UCY           Cayobabo         Cuba
380          AJL           Abejorral        Colombia
387          PV            Provincionales   Bahamas                         
387          PV            Provincionales   Bahamas
388          AM            Tampa Intl       Florida
391          DDP           San Juan         Puerto Rico
391          DDP           San Juan         PUERTO RICO                             
400          PIE           Bucamaranga      Colombia
402          C             Camaguey         Cuba
402          C             Camaguey         CUBA                                    
411          CBC           Anahuac          Texas, USA                              
425          EEJ           Sandford         North Carolina
432          IZN           Lincolnton       North Carolina
450          PPA           Puerto Plata     Dominican Republic
522          ZLS           Stella Maris     BAHAMAS                                 

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