LF Links
Navaids   Search for A Longwave Beacon.
LWCA   The Longwave Club of America.
Jill Dybka's   Beacon Page Logs and lots of QSL addresses.
Costas Krallis   Beacon page Full of links and interesting info!!.
WUN   Utility DX Forum
Alan Gale Very informative LW site. Pictures, sounds, and lots of resources! Alan is also a moderator of an NDB e-mail reflector - worth signing up!!
DGPS Status info provided by the US Coast Guard.
GPS Beacon stations by country. Info provided by Trimble.
Information on Submarine communication infrastructure using ELF.
AMRAD   Low Frequency web page
Good old WWVB on 60 kHz.
Info on Russian VLF Navaid System Alpha, RSDN-20 is here and the necessities to pick it up are described here.
Bill Hepburn's   LF page. Very useful.
Field strength measurements of DGPS and FAA beacons.
Harald Lutz   manintains a page devoted to strange VLF reception using your PC.
Steve Dove's Squint at LF Radio. Very good page with pics, stories, etc...
Martin Francis' DX Radio Pages   Awesome online NDB Database
VE7SL Radio Notebook. Includes plans for Burhans Loop antenna. I've built several of these and swear by them. Cheap alternative to commercially ($$$) made antennas.

If you have a longwave related link that belongs on this page, please let me know!