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WWSU 6.3

Complete installation package (Revision 6).

Cheanges introduced to this version include:

- smaller main screen to accomodate Nearby Beacons function to be piggybacked onto it, rather than show it in separate window

- user now able to modify beacon data right from the main screen

- added magnetic variation to all readings. This function allows the user to choose between magnetic or true North

- allows the user to specify particular listening equipment/antennas/software used at each of the 16 listening locations

- local time now selectable between 12h or 24h format

- database backup and restore function now allows the user to specify a particular location on the hard drive as opposed to root directory

- added lifetime count (from all 16 locations) to the total beacons received

- listening reports now have a fixed time span option buttons

- addressed a few issues and bugs found in version 6.2

Download location:   Click here to download