WWSU 6.4 Release 20 Database Update Notes

Latest WWSU Revision now includes database updates. The delay in implementing this functionality was mostly due to the fact that I wasn't quite sure how to best approach this without drawing a lot of complaints about possible new data inaccuracies.


Over the years I have received a lot of updates from many users (thank you all!), and couple of items that varied pretty wildly from one user to another were tone offsets and cycle times ... for the same station. How does one choose which is right?


Understandably, some of you do take the time to ensure your equipment is calibrated properly and are very particular about offset and cycle accuracies. Unfortunately, if there was a slight error in the update file, it would propagate to every user and the emails would never stop!  :)


As such, I've decided to give everyone an option which components of their database will be updated with new data and which will remain intact.


To begin the update process, click Database>Update Database from the Main Screen. New window pops up:


Click "Download Updates". This function does not update your database but rather downloads an update file into your computer for further processing.

Once the file downloads successfully, your screen will now give you extra options as below:

You DEFINITELY SHOULD perform a database backup. This is your insurance in case things go sideways or you're unhappy with the update result.


Next the program gives you an option which database components you want updated and which you wish to leave intact. Place a checkmark to the items you want to protect from being overwritten by the update file. Click "Save As Default" to save your preferences for future updates.


Once you're ready to proceeed with the update, click "Click Here To Perform Database Update" button.


During the update, you might encounter a screen that looks similar to this:


This screen pops up when a station manually entered into WWSU by you differs from the same station in the update file. This could be due to difference in location names  (as per above example) or in case of Canada, Australia and the US the locally entered station is missing Province, Teritory or State. You can choose to leave your data intact or have WWSU make the corrections for you. Keep in mind that when left intact, you will now have two entries for this station - one entered by you and one that came with the update file.


This should just about do it. Keep in mind if you come across any discrepancies or issues, you do have that backup file available and restoral to pre-update state can be done from the main screen - click on Database>Restore, then navigate to the location of your last backup file and hit Restore.


As always, please drop me a line if there are any issues with the update process. Suggestions are always welcome as well. Email me at ve3gop at ve3gop dot com


Good luck!


Database Revision History:


Aug 2020 - Initial crack at the update process just to get a feel on how things go. This update deals with Station Status  (ie. ON/OFF AIR) only.


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